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DMCC in Dubai is one of the most reputable free zones in the UAE and awarded “the best free zone worldwide” during 2017 and 2018.

Registering a DMCC Company or Branch in Dubai, opening a corporate bank account and receiving a UAE residence visa for you and your family has never been easier or simpler.
We can offer you a cost effective and complete solution for your DMCC free zone company including pre- approval, business plan development, registration and licensing, post license obligations, corporate bank account and residence visa.

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DMCC is the fastest growing Free Zone worldwide

DMCC free zone is a Dubai government entity and is home for more than 15.000 businesses including start-ups and major multinationals. DMCC is a unique combination of Free Zone status, state of the art commercial and residential property and top-tier commodities and financial services.

Our company is proud to be awarded a certificate of recognition by the DMCC Authorities as “top performing consultants” for the last 2 years.

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DMCC offers 100% foreign controlled ownership, 100% repatriation of capital and profits and 100% exemption from personal and corporate taxation guaranteed for 50 years.  The DMCC free zone is situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers along Sheikh Zayed road with easy access to 2 metro stations and close to main airports and seaports. Quality residential and commercial properties are available for rental or freehold purchase.


We have excellent relations and we will introduce you to reputable banks in Dubai. We will assist you to prepare a company profile for bank purposes, accompany the bank signatory to the bank to sign the bank forms and follow up with the bank for the successful opening of the bank account.


DMCC offers three types of licenses which include a wide range of business activities: Service license, Trading or General Trading license and Industrial license. Each DMCC license can include up to 6 business activities of the same category.


The minimum capital required by a DMCC company is AED 50.000 and should be deposited in the corporate bank account within 4 weeks after the license approval. The capital can be withdrawn after the company post license obligations are completed.


Many Companies operating in the DMCC Authority are trading in commodities like precious metals, stones and rough diamonds. ALMAS tower in JLT is home to the Dubai Diamond Exchange and Dubai Kimberly Office.


The process for the residence visa usually takes a minimum of 5 working days and includes VIP medical check up, finger print and passport visa stamping. The residence visa is for 3 years duration but the visa holder should enter Dubai at least every 6 months.


DMCC Authorities require a flexi desk at the DMCC Business Centre as a minimum office for many types of licenses. The flexi desk offers eligibility for up to 3 employment visas.


A company auditor should be appointed by the shareholders and an appointment letter should be issued by the auditor addressed to the DMCC Authorities, within 3 weeks from the issue of the license.

How to Register Your DMCC Free Zone Business


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Our consultants will be happy to discuss with you all matters relating to your DMCC Company including company structure, type of licenses for your business activities, alternative office facilities and DMCC Authorities requirements.

Pre- approval

The pre-approval by the DMCC Authorities usually takes 10 working days after the company application together with passport copies, KYC forms, proof of address, business plan, 3 alternative company names and other required documents signed by the shareholders and officers of the company.


Company registration

After the pre-approval, the shareholders and officers of the company are required to personally visit DMCC Authorities for passport verification, signing the specimen signature form, undertakings and MOA. During the same time, the Shareholder will visit the bank to complete the necessary paperwork for the opening of the corporate bank account.

The final approval usually takes 5 working days after the personal visit to the DMCC Authorities by the shareholder and officers. After the final approval the flexi desk rental agreement will be issued by the DMCC Authorities and is required to be signed by the general manager.


Corporate bank account

The shareholders should personally visit the bank in Dubai to sign the bank forms the same time as the visit to the DMCC Authorities.The time required for the opening of the bank account will be about 1 to 2 weeks after the signing of the bank forms and providing all the necessary information.


Company licensing

After the final approval and signing of the rental agreement within 5 working days the license will be issued together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Share certificates and certificate of registration.


Establishment card

The Establishment card will allow the company to apply for employment visas and will be issued within 5 to 7 working days after the company licensing.


Post License Obligation

Within 3 weeks after the company license the minimum share capital of AED 50.000 should be deposited and a letter of appointment addressed to the DMCC Authorities should be issued by an authorized company auditor.

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We are a team of professional accountants and legal advisors with more than 30 years experience in corporate services and international tax planning.

PRIMEPLUS CONSULTING DMCC received an award from the DMCC Authority for being a top performing consultant of 2016 and 2017

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